Thursday, February 22, 2018

2017 Documented Life Project: September


Hello, there! Thanks for stopping in today! Continuing in sharing my 2017 Documented Life Project, September started out with a beautiful Labor Day weekend--this photo above is from our dock looking upriver...


...and then Hurricane Irma hit...while last year Hurricane Matthew left us a tree in our roof, this year Irma gave us nearly a foot of water on our ground floor, about six or seven docks in our backyard, our dock in shambles and damage once again to our roof. While we got the flood mess cleaned up within a week or so, the rest has taken a bit longer. The roofers actually just finished the roof this past week! And we've not even begun to work on the dock. We're hoping to be able to just repair what we have instead of completely rebuilding. We're lucky that we have any dock left! Most of our neighbors' docks were completely destroyed.


I love the ways the greens played off each other in this spread. On the right, that's just one magazine page that I tore apart and popped in there. Making things as easy as possible!  You can click on the photo to see it larger in Flickr.


I started incorporating some of the pages I created in Pam Carriker's workshop this month. This "window" started out as transparency. Pam was using them to teach image transfers, but I actually liked using the transparency itself!


Clearly I struggle with faces. :-)


And these last two were actually one spread that I pulled out and used as two here. We were creating in a Strathmore mixed media journal, but I ended up pulling each page out and using them here in this journal, finding ways to incorporate both the front and back of each page. You'll see more in October's pages!  The faces here were printed on tissue paper, so they just basically dissolve into the page. Very cool technique. Now if I can just get my printer to print on tissue paper correctly...


Thanks for stopping in again today! To see more of my 2017 Documented Life Project journal, click here. For 2016, click here; for 2015, click here; and for 2014, click here. Thanks to the ladies at Art to the 5th for originally creating the project!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Best Shot Monday and 365 Somethings Project: 27-30


Many people think that open-admission, municipal shelters have nothing to offer but Pit mixes (...and, of course, I would argue that Pit mixes are awesome anyway), so this week I decided to share some of the variety of dog types I photographed this past week! Above is sweet Bobby. He's a Beagle/Treeing Walking Hound mix. The reason you see nothing but his sweet little mug is that he wanted to do nothing but sit in my lap. For this shot, I was sitting down on my knees with Bobby basically hugging me, and then I reached my arm back and clicked, having no idea what I'd capture, and I captured this!


This fella above is a yellow Lab mix named Bam. Fetcher extraordinaire! He's got that game down and will play as long as you want to toss, bring it back, and is ready for you to throw it again. If you happen to take a moment to review your notes, thinking you've finally worn him out, he will try to push the ball into your leg to get you to throw it again. Yes, I know this from experience.


This little beauty above is Cecilia, a Welsh Corgi/Cardigan mix. She was a little shy at first, but once I gave her a little time to warm up to me, she turned into a super love bug.


And this incredibly handsome fella is Chato, an Alaskan Husky mix. This fella had some super separation anxiety issues and thankfully was adopted by someone who could spend all day with him! All four of these dogs were at an open-admission, municipal shelter, the City of Tallahassee Animal Service Center! See more of my 2018 365 Somethings Project here. And go adopt a shelter pet! They will bless your life immeasurably!

Friday, February 2, 2018

February Free Bling Friday!

365 Somethings Week 2-4

Welcome to February Free Bling Friday! Congratulations to Summer from Jacksonville for winning January's Free Bling! You may have seen this sweet little pair in this post, where I shared seven pairs of earrings I created in January as part of my 365 Somethings Project. They are petite handmade lamp work beads topped with Swarovski crystals and highlighted with sterling silver wire work and findings.   

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Monday, January 29, 2018

Best Shot Monday and 365 Somethings Project: 22-26


Best Shot Monday aligning with 365 Somethings again! I'll share a few dogs pics today and then something a little different later in the week to finish out my seven somethings for the fourth week of January. That little bit of adorableness above is Blake, available for adoption at the City of Tallahassee Animal Service Center. Love when I get a good head tilt!


Chip, above, is all above the tennis balls! I had to wear him out before I could even begin to try to photograph him, but once I wore him out well, he plopped down with the ball for a pose and gave me a little magic.


Kenny, above, was also a ball hound. This sweet little pup was adopted shortly after I photographed him.


And then there's Jasmine, above, and most funny, below. When I'm shooting at the shelter, I shoot in continuous shooting mode (burst mode on some cameras), so sometimes the bloopers make for the best shots!


Thanks for stopping in today! I'll pop back in later this week with more 365 Somethings! See all my 2018 365 Somethings Project posts here, and thanks to Hanna for the inspiration for this project!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

2017 Documented Life Project: August


I started out August in my Documented Life with a trip up to Donna Downey Studios in North Carolina for a workshop with Pam Carriker! I've admired Pam's work for a while and have her book Art at the Speed of Life. I really liked her way of finding small pockets of time to work art-making into a very hectic schedule! I'll be sharing some of my spreads created in her workshop a little bit later!


Week two of August included the redheads third week of band camp and their first official high school performance, before high school even officially started! I also had a quick trip over to High Springs and Camp Kalaqua for our state Student Government Executive Board retreat.


Close up of the first week's art side spread above. I used molding paste through a stencil here. I learned this technique from Albie Smith in one of my Artful Journey workshops. I had forgotten how fun this was and what great texture it creates.


The third week of August brought us the official start of high school! Early days! School starts at 7:30am, so we are out of the house about 6:45am. I was able to see the ladies off that morning, but then I had to head down to Ocala for a meeting, so I missed the first day home stories in person. Made the best of it by having dinner that night with my sweet friend Vanessa.


Close up of the second week's art side spread above. I really had fun with this page.


The fourth week of August brought us the solar eclipse -- so cool! The schools closed early that day so everyone could get home and watch safely. It also brought us the girls first high school football game and marching band performance! Three hours away on a work/school night so we didn't see that one in person, but they had a blast.


Close up of the third week's art side spread above. This page quickly came together from things I had on my work table. I started with a magazine page, topped in places with some tissue paper that came in my Brave Girl box that had just arrived. I added some deli paper I had been using as under paper, grabbed a stencil and paint that were sitting nearby and then some washi tape and a bit more of the tissue paper, cutting out the words. Really loved this page, thanks much in part to that tissue paper!


This last week of August/beginning of September thankfully brought us our first home football game and marching band performance. As luck would have it, we had a lot of rain, so it was a late start, but successful none-the-less! That Friday was a half day, so we took the opportunity for a long weekend at home in Jax for Labor Day weekend.


Close up of last art side spread for the month above. This page also came together from scraps on my desk. That square photo is an Instagram print from one of my Boca Grande photographs. The little splotches of paint up around it are actually paint splotches from my paint pallete that I pulled up off the pallete. That was a very fun discovery I learned in Pam Carriker's workshop earlier in the month. With the right, slick, pallete paper, you can peel the leftover paint off and use it!

Thanks for stopping in again today! To see more of my 2017 Documented Life Project journal, click here. For 2016, click here; for 2015, click here; and for 2014, click here. Thanks to the ladies at Art to the 5th for originally creating the project!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

365 Somethings Project Week 3: 15-21

365 Somethings Week 2-3

I've been needing to clean up my bead board, so I decided for week three, I'd create seven new pairs of earrings. It started with beads I had on my board and went from there! I haven't done wire forming like this in a while, so it was fun to get back to this, if not a little hard on the fingers! I use pliers for the initial forming and then use my fingers to get the shaping uniform. I've also forgotten how fulfilling it is to work in a series! I'll have these listed in my Etsy shop soon, but until then, if you see a pair you'd love to have, just shoot me an email at happyshackdesigns at yahoo dot com. They are $30.

365 Somethings Week 2-1

365 Somethings Week 2-2

365 Somethings Week 2-4

365 Somethings Week 2-5

365 Somethings Week 2-6

365 Somethings Week 2-7

Thanks for stopping in today! Three weeks down! You can see more of my 365 Somethings Project posts here.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Best Shot Monday and 365 Somethings Project: 8-14

Tools of the trade

Since it's Best Shot Monday, I decided to do another seven of my favorite January shelter shots for week two of the 365 Somethings Project (there will other things coming later this week!!!). This was a fun little accidental shot. Sweet little Hazel here really couldn't sit still for longer than a second or two most of our shoot, but this was a fun little find on my camera card. Shows one of the tricks of the trade! Treats! Below are six more of my favorite shots from the second week of January.


This little bit of adorableness is Gracie. She is about 90% blind. She was one of six dogs who came into the Tallahassee shelter when her owner died. Three of the dogs were adopted out, one was taken by the Leon County Humane Society, and Gracie and her brother Frankie were taken by Tallahassee Big Dog Rescue. Right now, Gracie relies on Frankie as her guide. Big Dog Rescue is currently raising funds for her to have surgery to help her regain her eyesight. She has been seen by the same animal eye team who treated my sweet blind girl Savannah, Drs. Brown and Chandler from the Animal Eye Clinic in Jacksonville, and they are developing a plan for her treatment. The surgery will be approximately $1,700 for one eye or $2,600 for both. Interested in helping Big Dog Rescue help Gracie? You can make a donation towards her surgery and everything Tallahassee Big Dog Rescue does here. TBDR is an all-volunteer non-profit who relies solely on donations. Every little bit helps!


This is Mia. She came through the City of Tallahassee Animal Service Center and had the opportunity to get through the UTOPIA program. The UTOPIA program is a partnership between Animal Services and the Taylor Correctional Institution (TCI) in Perry, Florida. This program began on June 4, 2007, and aims to increase the adoptability of the dogs in training. The Animal Service Center dogs are housed at the TCI for eight weeks to receive socialization and basic obedience training. All dogs participating in the UTOPIA Program must complete their training before being adopted (minimum eight weeks). Programs like these benefit not only the dogs but also the inmates working with the dogs. The dogs learn basic obedience training while the inmates learn to care for another while incarcerated, thereby giving more meaning to their time in the facility. Tallahassee Big Dog Rescue took her in from the shelter and now she is in a TBDR foster home waiting to meet her forever family.


This is Samuel. He's also being fostered by a Tallahassee Big Dog Rescue foster family. He's a super shy, pretty fearful fella, but once we got him outside for some playtime and fresh air, he came out of his shell a little bit. He'll need a patient family willing to take their time with him so he can learn to trust you.


This is Eugene. He and Charming below were part of a litter of nine Great Dane puppies that Tallahassee Big Dog Rescue rescued from a puppy mill case in Missouri. TBDR started off with nine and are down to two! The redheads and I enjoyed hanging out with them at the recent Tallahassee Adoptathon Pet Adoption the second weekend in January. We love dogs that lean on us, and these two are definite leaners!



And lastly, this little sweetie is Emmie. Smaller dogs and puppies are the first to get adopted at municipal, open admission shelters, and Emmie was one of those! She was adopted through the City of Tallahassee Animal Service Center the day after I took this photo! Thanks for stopping in! All my 365 Somethings Projects posts can be found here.